Our Offer

The Chantier Trust offers 15-year financing tailored to meet a variety of capitalization needs for Québec’s social economy enterprises.

Thanks to its many options of financial products and long-term partnerships with these enterprises, the Chantier Trust fosters accelerated business development and growth.

How can we support your project?

Patient capital loans from the Chantier Trust

Meeting the full range of collective enterprises’ varied needs

  • Costs related to real estate
  • Fees related to operations, moveable assets – other than real estate
  • And for any other project
Specialized funds

To support more specific types of social economy projects

  • Acquisition and renovation of community real estate
  • Construction and renovation of student housing


These products provide an essential last push to project realization
  • Falling under the category of promoter investment, they provide the capital needed to realize a project.
  • They help find other financial partners by serving as a financial lever.
  • They reduce financial risk compared to traditional forms of debt.