Our expertise

The Chantier Trust: a capital ally from the creation of financial solutions to investing in projects from collective enterprises.

The Chantier Trust acts as a market intermediary by channeling needed investments into the creation of financial products.

Created as a social trust in 2006 to respond to a need in the financing continuum, the Trust provides social economy enterprises with access to patient capital loans for operations and real estate purposes. These two products offer an alternative to traditional financing.

The first to develop this type of patient capital loan specifically tailored to social economy enterprises, the Trust also developed its expertise in the creation of niche specialized funds in the form of limited partnerships. These funds help fill a void in financing ecosystems for specific projects and for the optimization of organizations’ financial situations.

Means of Operation

The Chantier Trust works alongside private partners as well as partners from Québec’s social finance ecosystem who are looking to invest in funds with real impacts.

It developed an organizational structure that can accommodate new funds to finance enterprises. Afterwards, the Trust takes on all management, from application evaluation to post-financing reporting.

Currently, in addition to its patient capital products, the Chantier Trust includes two types of specialized funds:

Specialized Funds (Associated)

These were created through a Chantier Trust initiative. Mobilizing financial partners interested in investing in a fund that contributes to initiatives from collective enterprises that address specific social issues all while offering a return on their investments.

Specialized Funds (Managed)

These funds were developed at the request of partners on the ground and/or investors who identified a problem and want to invest to address it and create a real impact.

The Chantier Trust transforms its partners’ investments into veritable levers for social economy enterprises that do not receive financing from traditional financial products for the specific issues they confront.